Community Partnerships Built at the Martin Luther King Shoreline

IMG_2402On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, East Bay Regional Parks hosted a day of service at the shoreline off of Swan Way.  Earth Team interns joined the efforts, and helped with litter clean ups using the Marine Debris Tracker App.

While Skyline Earth Team worked at this location, LPS Oakland and Oakland Tech Earth Teams engaged in similar efforts up and down the shoreline.

This team had the exciting opportunity to work with other community members, including a group of local 5th graders, on the clean up.  Students shared the Marine Debris Tracker App with locals, discussed their efforts and issues of water quality, and had the opportunity to be environmental leaders right here in Oakland.

Here are some thoughts that the interns had about the day of service.

“Most of what we picked up was plastic and styrofoam fragments, and there were a lot of constructions supplies” – Ariella

“I noticed that the community really wanted to be here and came out to help on their own time” – Jodiah

“I observed how many families came out together and how many local groups came out all together to be a part of the community” – Fahina

The team shared their thoughts about the activity, noting that using the app is helpful because having numbers and metrics is really motivational.  They saw the direct impacts of their work when they saw a sea bird trying to eat a plastic bag.  They also enjoyed working with other community members, and noted that they would enjoy training people more often.

Overall, the day of service was an exciting opportunity for Skyline Earth Team to do work outside of their normal scope and to engage in an exciting community based event!

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