Skyline Interns Prepare For Job Fair


The East Bay Regional Parks will be hosting a job fair this Saturday, January 21st, 2017.

In preparation for the event, the Skyline Interns readied their resumes. Some of the interns created their first resume ever! Other updated their credentials with an entry for the Earth Team internship.

The Skyline campus coordinator also helped the interns prepare for engaging with Park staff at the job fair event. Stay tuned for photos and reflections from the event!


Skyline Interns Met With Put A Price On It Campaigner Tom Erb

img_1547Tom Erb is 20 years old college student. He’s also helping lead a campaign to organize young people to lobby their government officials to vote for a tax on carbon emissions. He was even featured in the current season of National Geographic’s show Years of Living Dangerously during an episode that explores┬ácarbon taxing.

“A carbon tax is a tax that companies have to pay when they release carbon in the air.” – Vivian Le

On Wednesday, January 4th, Tom visited the Skyline Internship to screen the Years of Living Dangerously episode, share his story, and talk about the Put a Price On It campaign.

“He showed us a documentary about animals and enforcing a carbon tax on people that emit too much CO2. After the film we talked about if putting a carbon tax is good or not and learned how to speak to people [politicians].” – Crystal Tu

Should we put a tax on carbon? The interns discussed some of the results a carbon tax may have.

“I think that it is a good thing because it is a boost that allows the start of using green products.” – Vivian Le

“I think it’s both good, because less carbon released and more lives saved, but bad because businesses might shut down.” – Davonna Hodges

“I think it’s a good thing because CO2 is a type of waste that is most detrimental to the environment, similar to our garbage. However, those who pollute the most are able to emit large quantities for free. It would be logical and necessary to impose a carbon tax because it would eventually decrease emissions and consumption of non-renewable resources. Plus it would force companies to use greener resources. However, it may be detrimental to those who are struggling financially since the tax could be passed to the consumer.”– Isabel Ear