Skyline Helps FOSC Plant Natives


The Skyline interns braved some wet weather to install native plants in Redwood Regional Park with Friends of Sausal Creek on Wednesday December 14th, 2016.

FOSC and Earth Team staff taught the interns about native plants and why they are often the best species choice for planting. Compared to plants from other climates and geographies, native plants are the best adapted to the Bay Area conditions. For example, most natives are drought tolerant, an important qualities especially during our current lack sufficient precipitation.

The interns successfully installed almost 100 plants of a large variety; including, california buckwheat, honeysuckle, tellima, lupine, and purple needle grass.




The Interns at Skyline High School measured the amount of green house gases (GHG) they emit by traveling to and from school each week. They started by gathering data on how they each travel – walking, driving, bus, ect. Next they determined the milage for the round trip they each travel. Other information was considered such as each car’s MPG and number of passengers in a carpool. Finally with all the input they used the Transportation Action Project (TAP) Calculator developed for Earth Team by MTC and BAAQMD consultants in 2010 to assess VMT-CO2 emissions.

After calculating how much carbon they emit, the interns developed a plan to reduce their GHG emissions by traveling differently. They were able to reduce the total group amount of carbon they create each week by almost 63 pounds!

Redwood Regional Park Hike Skyline


The Skyline Interns got to know a local park, Redwood Regional Park, which in only minutes away from their campus. The interns learned the location of a few trailheads and hiked around. Students practice safe hiking and trail etiquette.

Familiarity and comfort with local parks is important for promoting park use and access to nature. Visiting a natural recreation area can be a part of a healthy active lifestyle and can reduce stress. Well maintained and accessible parks are important for making great cities.

The interns will soon return to one trail they hiked at the park, Fern Ravine, to participate in a restoration project with Friends of Sausal Creek.